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Need Help?

If you need assistance I generally keep a few hours per week spare for extra assistance and/or emergency work.

I regularly attends MeetUp user groups in Brisbane such as

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Web Developers

Experts Exchange - Postfix

I am a contributing expert on the Experts Exchange web site and was the No.1 expert on the Postfix email server. It appears that postfix is so trouble free that there is not anough activity to keep the category running or maybe everyone just switched to gmail.

Web Development

All my dynamic web sites use PHPLIB on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) or NGINX & MariaDB. I have extended PHPLIB to automatically generate all the code for a skeleton web site directly from the MySQL schema. The Shopping cart in PHPlib has been extended to support all the features of PayPal and displays a PayPal BuyNow button and can receive the IPN & PDT transaction notifications from PayPal.

Complete database driven web sites can be put together very quickly. A Menu and Content Editor allows the website to function as a CMS

David Beveridge
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