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About me

I have been involved in computers since 1980 when I got my first computer a TRS-80 which had 16K RAM and a 1.7MHz CPU, wow how times have changed.

I learned programming from the start, basic, pascal, C at first although these days I prefer PHP. I'm now doing a lot of LAMP websites (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). I use a library called PHPLIB which I have extensively enhanced.

I have spent many years specialising in email systems which earned me a postion with the Commonwealth Bank who were upgrading from MS-Mail to Exchange at the time.

From there I moved to the Optus Messaging department which provided a much need email gateway between the popular email systems of the day, such as cc:Mail, Notes, MS-Mail, Exchange, Novell-MHS, Groupwise & MacMail.

Once the Internet gained popularity, each mail system simply connected itself to the internet and this alleviated the need for complex messaging switches. SMTP became the protocol of choice and every email system either complied or died.

I stuck with sendmail as my MTA of choice for many years before switching to postfix which I now use on all my email servers (or at least the ones I build!). The bevhost cPanel Web Servers use EXIM.

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