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My Services


I currently work full time in a DevOps role in Enterprise Systems.

Software Developer

Big Air Community Broadband is Australia's leading provider of Managed Internet Services for student accommodation, and a division of the publicly listed BigAir Group Limited (ASX:BGL).

The captive portal hotspot software used by BACB is developed by me.

Beveridge Internet Hosting

bevhost.com provides the following internet services

  • Domain registration - register domains .au, .nz and gtld such as .com, .net & .org
  • DNS hosting - Domain Name Service with one server in Australia and one in USA
  • Web hosting - Static web sites/redirects on a shared server or full custom VPS solutions

domains.bevhost.com is an offshore entity which sells low cost domain names which do not attract a GST TAX charge, which offers .au, .com etc as well as .co.uk, .asia and many others.

David Beveridge
PO Box 7092
Holland Park East
QLD 4121
0432 920 108