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Category Snacks
Name Cheeseball
Method Dice bacon, fry and set aside. Dice capsicum, celery and shallots. Make sure philly is room temperature. Mix with worcestershire sauce. Add in grated cheese, capsicum, bacon, celery and shallots am mix together.

Roll into ball or log (using gladwrap) and place in fridge to set. When set sprinkle with paprika and curry powder then serve.
Recipe Qty Measure Ingredient
Cheeseball 1 packet Philly cheese view
Cheeseball 100 grams cheese view
Cheeseball 1 packet fat-free bacon (or 3 rashers) view
Cheeseball 0.60 small capsicum (red) view
Cheeseball 1 stick celery view
Cheeseball 2 or 3 shallots view
Cheeseball 1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce view
Cheeseball 0 paprika view
Cheeseball 0 curry powder view