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Category Main Courses
Name Beef Curry
Method Finely chop onions, grate ginger and crush garlic. Cook lightly in hot ghee. Add curry powder, mustard seeds, tumeric and salt. Fry gently over a low heat for 2 -3 minutes. Cut steak into 25 mm cubes, add to curry mixture and fry a few minutes more. Add finely sliced chillies and sliced tomatoes. Fold lightly togehter with a loarge cooking spoon to mix ingredients. Cover pan and simmer very slowly about 2 hours. Serve with rice.
Recipe Qty Measure Ingredient
Beef Curry 2 large onions view
Beef Curry 4 cloves view
Beef Curry 3 tablespoons curry power view
Beef Curry 2 teaspoons black mustard seeds (optional) view
Beef Curry 2 teaspoons salt view
Beef Curry 2 fresh chillies view
Beef Curry 5 cm fresh ginger view
Beef Curry 90 grams ghee view
Beef Curry 1 teaspoon tumeric view
Beef Curry 1.50 kg blade steak view
Beef Curry 3 tomatoes view